Our Products


Specially formulated eugenol-free, acrylic/urethane based cement provides a well balanced adhesive for implant restorations. Excellent mechanical strength offers reliable prosthesis retention and trouble free removal, as well as long-term performance when desired. Cements chemically formulated not to adhere to soft tissue allowing convenient removal of excess cement without sacrificing valuable chair-time.


Ideal for organization & sterilization of implant & implant components. Composed of various sized compartments tailored to fit & order abutments, screws, and crowns or even bars, bridges, and larger instruments. Optimal for steaming & Ultrasonic Cleaning.


Foam-based material employed to close the implant access channel for protection of screwhead. A superior alternative to cotton balls as it is considerably less odor absorbent & hygienic.


Designed as an anatomic gingivaformer the Estheti-CAP allows to create with ease and less customiziation - an esthetic and anatomical emergence profile of the periimplant gingiva contour. Five diameter ( 3.4 mm – 6.5 mm) and two different designs (oval / triangular) showing toothform on bone level. EsthetiCaps have proven their effectiveness by preserving the soft tissue. FDA APPROVED