Until now, the classic implant - prosthetic protocol considered the placement of round gingival formers after the implants were uncovered. After healing of the peri - implant soft tissue, this round, non - anatomical soft tissue contour was transferred to the master model with standard impression components. It was only at this point, at the final prosthetic stage, that the restorative dentist attempted to create an emergence profile, often in multiple extensive, time consuming steps. This could have just as well been done in the beginning.

Modern implant dentistry now requires simple, quick and safe treatment concepts. The innovative DENTSPLY Friadent concept, of early tooth - analog reconstructions with the highest esthetic demands, has been setting the place in implant prosthetics for over two decades. DENTSPLY Friadent is always one step ahead in converting the latest clinical insights into products for the practice.

An implant concept based on preservation as well as active shaping and support of vital hard and soft tissue, particularly emergence profile and papillae, has the following advantages.

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